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   All facets of mediumship
Medial Hearts Austria & Divine Spirit
are bringing contact with Spirit, trance, healing, channeling and much more.

Mediumship has many facets.  If you have never had anything to do with this subject, it is often difficult to imagine what is really meant by “the world of Spirit”, “psychic senses”, “mediumship” or “spirituality”. Here you will have the opportunity to experience it for yourself and to learn more about it.

On Friday, 24th January 2020 at 7pm there will be a demonstration evening where different mediums will work together with the Spirit world for the audience to demonstrate: spirit contact, double-linking, trance healing and speaking in trance etc.
Venue contribution: €10 on the evening

On the following days, Saturday, 25th January 2020 from 10am – 6pm and Sunday, 26th January 2020 from 10am 4pm you will be able to book a maximum of 3 individual sittings per person.
Here various sittings are possible:
Spirit contact (someone from the Spirit world comes through for you and brings a message.)
Channelling or trance (someone from the Spirit world talks to you, whereby you and your life are the main aspect.)
Healing (healing energies from the Spirit world are passed on to you.)
Trance healing (as with healing but in this sitting you receive a message from the Spirit world.)
Inspired healing (as with healing, however here the Spirit world also speaks to you during the healing: about you, your life, your ailments and much more.)
Spiritual assessment (someone from the Spirit world helps your medium to show your strengths, weaknesses and blockades and to point out new possibilities.)
Astrology (our astrologist needs your date, time and place of birth)
Potential analysis and name scrabble (your potential is determined using various resources together with an interpretation of your Christian name.)
Aura reading (Each living being has an energy field: the aura. The medium can read this aura and perceive your strengths, blockades, options for your life path etc.
SenseMe Consultation (Sometimes in life there are times when everything revolves around others: children, building a home, strokes of fate, illness ... A time when one needs love and strength but just not there for oneself. Sometimes it can happen that one JUST LOSES SIGHT OF ONESELF. “I can see you and feel you. And I let you recognise and sense where and how changes are needed so that you are happier, more fulfilled, and more alive. Thanks to my psychic senses I can perceive you in all your wholeness, with all your capabilities, your potential, your strengths, and the opportunities for your so-called weaknesses and to use them in a positive way for you.)
Spiritual laying of cards (In this type of sitting two mediums work together for you! One medium lays out special cards for you for the “Past, present and future” and shows you what the current status is/was and the second medium connects with his Spirit guides and then tells YOU about your strengths and weaknesses)
Inspired working with cards (You draw a card and the medium connects to his or your Spirit guide and relates to you what he/she has to say about you.)

Venue contribution €30,- for 3 different sittings
If you give an exact time when you register, please come 20 minutes before that time in order to facilitate a smooth flow of appointments.

Every medium works differently. That is why each sitting is unique and so it should be.
You yourself choose your medium and the type of sitting.

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Event venue: Kolpinghaus Wien Währing, Gentzgasse 27 in 1180 Vienna
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