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I'm Hazel Ballard and headmistress of the Free Spirit Academy of Psychology and we're at home in Essex, England. Our students follow a very structured program of mediality and psychic topics. Over the past few years, I am pleased to visit and lead the seminars organized by Medial Hearts Austria.
As a teacher in all kinds of healing, it is a great pleasure to see students in their growth and development, each in its speed and time.
And with that in mind, it is a great pleasure to allow students to be like and what they are in this moment of time.

The program varies and is packed with some funny things, because healing is for me above all a matter of joy.
If you are interested in attending the seminars please have a look at the website www.medialhearts.at

Here you will find people who help and support you in their development.

                  Thank you for listening and goodbye

                                    Hazel Ballard
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