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Libby Clark

Libby has been aware of the presence of Spirit from her earliest childhood and thanks to the mediality of her paternal grandmother and the trance mediality of her grandfather there has been a strong potential towards mediality anchored in her. It wasn’t at all strange to her when her grandmother said she had spoken to “Mrs Smith”. She just thought, “Oh yes, she spoke to one of the dead people.”

In her early days she was accompanied by some of England’s best mediums, Gordon Higginson, Glynn Edwards, Robin Stevens and Jean Basset, just to name a few.

For over 28 years Libby has worked as a spiritual medium and has travelled across England. During this time Libby has gained a lot of experience and a higher understanding for spiritual development. She supports spiritual groups, organisations and private persons, promotes church services, gives demonstrations of mediumship, gives private readings, workshops, seminars and tutors groups.

Since 1992 Libby has had the privilege to be an course organiser and teacher at the Arthur Findlay College and enjoys teaching her students and sharing her immense knowledge. Many of her students always return again to expand their spiritual and personal development under Libby’s guidance. Libby loves her work with the Spirit world, which can be seen in her teaching, in her attitude and the way she expresses her talent, whether it be with Spirit contact, lectures, teaching or in healing.

In recent years, Libby has been working intensively in Italy, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, in the Republic of Ireland and in America.

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