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Mediumship the English way                         
Mediumistic sittings – Spirit contact  

By “traditionally English” mediumistic sitting one understands the ability to contact the Spirit world and to pass on messages to the client from those who have passed over.  These types of contact can be very healing and comforting for the client. The medium makes contact with the Spirit world by using his psychic senses (clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance) and brings information which enables the client to recognise who from the Spirit world is present for them.  This is the proof that there is life after death.
The medium is the go-between, a messenger between the two worlds. They are the bridge between the dimensions of this world and of the world beyond. The contact between the person who has passed and the medium is an act of asking and letting it happen. In other words, the contact can only be established if Spirit says YES, i.e. agrees to the contact being made. One should only answer the medium’s questions with YES, NO, PERHAPS or I DON’T KNOW. Please don’t give the medium any further details, he’s the one who should be telling you.
In medial sittings no information about future events is given nor can anyone make decisions for you. The information from the Spirit world can, however, help you to find your way and then to follow it.
No one can do anything wrong!  Every sitting is different und unique!

Spiritual assessment    

During a spiritual assessment the focus is on the client’s spiritual and medial development and potential.
There are several possibilities as to how the spiritual assessment can be presented.

1) The medium uses their psychic skills to observe the client’s energy fields or allows,
2) by means of his medial abilities, a beloved person from the Spirit world, whom the client is close to, to inspire the medium to talk about the client’s spiritual and medial growth and potential. Both aspects can be applied during the sitting.
3) Spiritual assessment can also be expressed through trance mediumship i.e. while the medium is in trance. One of the medium’s guides is present and observes the receiver’s energy in order for the assessment to take place.
4) or one of the guides comes forward and allows one of the client’s relatives in Spirit to give their opinion about the client’s growth and potential via the medium’s quide who then through the medium can relate this to the client. Both aspects can be applied during the sitting.
During a spiritual assessment aspects of evidence will be given throughout the sitting, and this proves that the medium is working under the guidance of the Spirit world or by using their own psychic skills.

                              Trance and Trance Healing                                    

Trance is an everyday state that we all know. We go into this state at least twice a day, once just before waking up when we are still half asleep and then again just before we fall asleep; it is the state of being between the waking and sleeping phase.

Trance is the state of deepest relaxation and a conscious letting go of conscious control into a state of inner peace and endless possibilities. Here it is necessary to remove oneself so far from daily consciousness that the Spirit world can work through us. Once prepared, the medium thus allows his spirit guide or another being from Spirit to come very close to them. The medium works with the Spirit world and has their support. The Spirit world can use this trance state to communicate and/or to heal. Trance demands great dedication, patience and a deep love to work with the Spirit world.
It may be a spirit teacher, a spirit guide, or a spirit helper to whom the medium lends his voice.

With trance healing we let the Spirit world act (heal) through us. Healing energies are received through the deep link with the Spirit world and relayed to the client’s body. This can take place with or without physical contact and equally so across time or space, known as distant healing.  Amazing effects unfold in unison with the soul’s (pre-birth) plan. After this type of sitting the healing power continues to work for several days to bring about the necessary progress and then slowly subsides.
The better the medium has learned to withdraw themselves, the clearer the channel becomes. It’s not the medium who heals but rather the energy from the Spirit world gives the impulse to activate the client’s own self-healing powers or to also allow spontaneous healings to take place.

In this way trance healing becomes a unique possibility to release the client’s blockades on all levels (when permitted!) without having to say very much beforehand.

                   Not every medium is a healer, but every healer is a medium.

                                       Yet there’s still much more to mediumship!

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