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People who have accompanied me along my path and, who in part are still accompanying me.
Ursula Erhardt - (Automatic writing medium)
Renate Moser - (Reiki instructor)
Doris Bögl - (NLP/Past Life Regression/Meditation)
Werner Kosmus - (Shamanism)
Enno Kosmus - (The Chinese Art of the Sword & Taijiquan)
Janja Bagaric & Claudia Diekmann - (Pranic Healing)
Trudi Thali - (Paths of light healing)
Svetlana Smirnova - (Russian Ways of Healing)
Franz Pissinger - (Hypnosis)
Moira Hawkins - (English Medium/Trance)
Sheila French - (English Medium/Contact with Spirit)
Hazel Ballard - (English Medium/Healing)
Tim Abbott - (English Medium/Contact with Spirit)
Ullrich Pühn - (Sonology)
Dr. Rosina Sonnenschmidt - (Expanded Consciousness & Awareness)
Libby Clark - (English Medium/Contact with Spirit & Healing)
Sharon Harvey - (English Medium/Trance)
Eileen Davies - (Scotish Medium/Mediality & Trance)
Scott Milligan - (Scotish Medium/Trance & physical mediumship)
Philip Dykes - (English Medium/ Psychic)

Peter about himself

I am married, father of two now adult sons, grandfather of four grandchildren and great grandfather of a great granddaughter.  I was born in November, 1948 under the star sign Saggitarius with Gemini as ascending star. My interest, even in my young years, in the inexplicable and the mystic was pushed aside by my professional career, and yet it was never forgotten.  
Decades later, and triggered by a past life regression, I was lovingly lead back on track by the Spirit World.
I began to put my unused energy to good use and got to know and value a wide range of alternative healing methods. In the meantime, I have become a free reiki teacher as in the methods of Dr. Usui. After exploring shamanism, I became acquainted with the paths of light harmonisation whose simplicity still intrigues me today. In 2007 I completed my training as a seminar tutor with Trudi Thali in Switzerland and offer courses, together with my wife Mary, to teach path of light harmonisation in Austria. In May 2017 I received my diploma as coach for “Expanded Consciousness & Awareness” with Dr. Rosina Sonnenschmidt. I have been developing my medium skills in accordance with English medial practices in trance and trance healing, and in Spirit contact with Sheila French, Moira Hawkins, Hazel Ballard, Tim Abbott, Libby Clark, Sharon Harvey, Eileen Davies & Scott Milligan.  
            I’m very curious to see where my path will take me next!

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