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Annemarie about herself

I was born the first of four siblings in August 1959 under the star sign Leo.
My uncle had a great knowledge of spiritualism, which my mother passed on to me even when I was a child.
Although for a very long time only my husband, my four children, and our business were my main priority in life, I still continued along my spiritual path as much as I was able.
I developed my own dream interpretations and conscious dreaming, and laid gypsy and lenormand cards.
Due to the death of my sister, the serious accident suffered by my son and many other events in my life, the wish for an even more intensive, spiritual and medial training became ever stronger, and I was able to attend seminars on trance, trance healing, and contact with the Spirit world held by various English mediums such as Moira Hawkins, Tim Abbott, Sheila French and the Swiss medium, Pascal Voggenhuber.
Working as a medium work fills me with so much joy that I cannot imagine it not being a part of my life.
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