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Good day to everybody, welcome and thank you for joining me for this short chat. My name is Tim Abbott and I am an international medium and teacher in mediumistical and spiritual matters. It is a great pleasure for me to travel all over Europe to teach different aspects of mediumship, such as healing, trance and also demonstrat mediality in platform work in front of an audience or in personal one-on-one sessions.
Through my media skills to reinforce the presence of the spiritual world and to provide conclusive evidence, healing and a certain ease is passed on to clients, both in private sessions and when working with the audience.
One school I have the honor to work for is Medial Hearts in Austria. Information about my courses over the year and much more can be found at www.medialhearts.at
Stop by, if you are simply interested, or ask yourself: Am I gifted medially? Am I sensitive to that? Or am I a medium?
Come visit us and learn to discover and experience your potential with the help of a team of teachers at Medial Hearts.
Have a nice day!

                                 Tim Abbott

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