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Dr. Rosina Sonnenschmidt
is a traditional healer, who works in her own natural healing practice for homeopathy in Pforzheim and is specialised in miasma homeopathy. She is author of over 40 reference books on the subject of the art of healing and holistic treatment in homeopathy as well as standard works on animal healing and miasma.
Together with Harald Knauss she is head of the Medial and Healer School. In addition she is qualified to train clowns (Galli methods), is humour-coach and trainer for humour counsellors. In 2009 she was awarded honorary membership to the Imperial Homeopathy Society in Japan for her services in miasmatic homeopathy.

Harald Knauss
My life has been one of detours in order to constantly draw nearer to a certain goal, and it’s called: spiritualisation. As my time with music was coming to an end, the way to mediality and the philosophy of spiritualism opened for me in England.
Inspiration took hold of my life and, without any previous knowledge whatsoever and unaware of my own potential, I began to paint oil pictures and to write books. In the same way, inspired speaking began to develop. From all these experiences and knowledge the basis grew for that which then flowed into founding “Mediale Welten” and the modern medial and healer training.
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