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Our Circle
The development that we experience in the workshop of each and every one of our mediums is always very exciting but then daily routine sets in and we tend to lag behind if we do not practise regularly.
This is why we practise in our closed circles in Vienna and Upper Austria. Medium circles play an important role in our path in mediumship as they serve to develop and train one’s own potential. Here we have the opportunity to practise with like-minded in a relaxed and protected environment.

We begin by opening the circle with a greeting to the Spirit world, followed by a meditation exercise where we can “tune” into the Spirit world.  Depending on the number of participants present, we select exercises for those taking part in the circle.
These may include one-to-one exercises, platform mediumship or double-links.  We also train our physical /psychic senses with various exercises.  Healing is an equally important aspect, sometimes taking place in trance with hands-on healing while connecting with the Spirit world.

Our meetings take place every week with friends from both worlds, this world and the world of Spirit.

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