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Mary about herself

I was born in Ireland as a November Sagittarius in 1948 and am a mother of two grown-up sons, a grandmother to four grandchildren and great grandmother to a great granddaughter.
During a period of profound re-orientation I opened myself up to holistic forms of treatment. Through Trudi Thali’s paths of light therapy in 2005 I was made conscious of the fact that we are responsible for our own well-being.  Many years ago I began medial training in Starnberg with Dr. Evelin Kainz to become a medium. Then I had the pleasure of having Paul Meek as my teacher and with his help I was able to gain practical experience. Since December 2011 my training has continued more intensively in England. I found two teachers (Tim Abbott and Sheila French) who strongly supported and encouraged me on my way to becoming a medium. In the courses held by Moira Hawkins I was supported in mediumship and trance/trance healing. Hazel Ballard was also a great support in spiritual healing. I also attended a course given by Gordon Smith who impressed me greatly with his deep knowledge and competence. I have great pleasure in sharing with other people my knowledge about mediumship and my experiences gained so far in other fields.

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