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Moira & Tim will be back together in June! 
Enjoy the two international mediums Moira Hawkins & Tim Abbott for a unique four-day seminar in the beautiful seminar center 
Schleglberg in Upper Austria.

Come and join Moira in this four-day-seminar on Schleglberg where we will looking at the basic of trance with the spoken word.  
Moira will help you to find the right position to start with the first word. Then let the spiritual world work for you!
This is for beginners and advanced students.

Come and join Tim for this intense four-day-course in the beautiful setting of Schleglberg where we will be looking at enriching 
our mediumship through our physical and verbal presentation. How we present the evidence can truly enrich your clients experience
of mediumship and how through that body and verbal presentation the evidence will be naturally
enriched. Let Tim help you through different exercises to make your mediumship look and feel more professional and take it to the
next level.

Depending on your decision, you will be divided into two groups that focus on either trance or mediumship. The two groups will meet 
in the evening for experimental work. 

These courses have been very successful and well known. So book early to secure your place. This courses are suitable for students 
of all levels. 
Both courses are translated.  

From Thursday, June 20th to Sunday, Juni 23rd 2019 we may experience together at the 
Seminarhof Schleglberg, Holzhäusl 12 in 4681 Rottenbach! 
Course times 9:30am- 5:30pm 

From Friday to Sunday there will also be "sit and talk" with Tim or Moira from 9:00am to 9:30am!   

On Friday, June 21st 2019 there will be a Dem-Evening with Moira, Tim and other local mediums 
at Schleglberg at 7pm!

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