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Root tone determination and sonology

He who looks at a person, sees the body,
He who listens to a person, reaches the soul.

Determining a person’s root tone
If you would like to know your personal tone, I only need a drop of your blood and I will assess it by using a physical gauge. You will then receive your personal root tone together with the corresponding singing exercises. If your voice does not actually sound in your tone, but you express yourself in different tone, then we would talk about this and look for reasons for the off-centre effect.

Tonal career guidance for school-leavers and young adults
This type of counselling is recommended as a support at the end of schooling or for people who do not know which career they should follow. The root tone can help to determine your personal strengths and particular potential. During this conversation a personality profile develops from the interaction between root tone and personal preferences, and that shows that certain career branches are much more appropriate than others which are less compatible to your tone. The choice is not influenced by a catalogue nor is it primarily in line with market conditions. The sole benchmark is the tonal definition of your potential.

Tonal partnership analysis and the tonal family system
Family and partnerships are often very interwoven systems, which, like the Gordian knot, are very difficult to unravel. A sonological analysis can reveal the whole tonal meshwork between children and parents with all their positive and negative energies. It can also be very perceptive for maintaining a respectful relationship to see at which intervals the root tones correspond to one another. In this way tensions and behavioural patterns in a partnership can be explained.
In both cases, a clear insight into the current tone constellation can make the existing situation more easily understood by all concerned. Ideally tolerance and understanding are kindled and a little peace is won.

From my own experience I can say that an enormous energy lies in our personal root tone. It brings a gentle inner change and lead to a life that is in harmony with oneself.
You receive a tonal personal analysis and an explanation of your emotional makeup together with a CD with singing exercises corresponding to your personal root tone.
Duration about 2 hours
Costs: € 250,-
Please contact under: ullrich.puehn@web.de

Counsellor: Ullrich Pühn, Diploma in Music and flutist in the Kassel State Orchestra, soloist, assistant lecturer at Kassel University. Nada Brahma sinology and long-standing director of the Association for Sonology. Trainer for Nada Brahma sinologist, speaker for lectures, workshops and seminars in German-speaking countries.

Literature: Ullrich Pühn: Dein Grundton, AMRA Verlag Hanau
ISBN Printed Edition 978-3-95447-148-5, ISBN eBook 978-3-95447-149-2

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